A Step Forward

I am writing this article on the day after the guilty verdict was handed down against the police officer who murdered George Floyd.  I can’t help getting caught up in the relief knowing that killing another human being — whether by mass shooting or by a police officer out of control — is not tolerated.

Relief is felt as our country seems to be taking a new direction in 2021.  I love the message by President Biden encouraging us to see this as a stepStep Forward forward for our country.  Maybe now, we will begin to turn the page on hate and divisiveness.

As I have talked about in previous articles, I am a child of the 50s and 60s.  I came into adulthood during the Love Child era of the hippy movement.  So many adults of the time thought the youth was being crazy and irresponsible.  But the important message of that era was not crazy:  Learn to love one another.  Even the music of the time talked about it.

A Step Forward

Like the President, I too, am hoping this action and this year is a step forward.  A time to begin to remember that, indeed, we are all our brother’s keeper.  Of course, we cannot control others, but we can act by acknowledging that we are all one people — human manifestations of a loving God who created us to love and care for one another.

Honestly, we (as a country) have spent too much time arguing and hating one another because we have different theology, different beliefs, different heritage, different sexual preferences, or different colored skin.

Hopefully, this will be a step forward for all of us to take a look at ourselves and our lives.  It is time to learn to live in peace and love for one another.  After 60+ years of my life on this earth, I say the hippies of the 60s had it right!  Let’s spread love and peace — not war or hate!


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