Born Out of Love

I grew up thinking I was born a sinner. I was taught this by the church I belonged to, who told me I was born in original sin. Later in life, I rejected this teaching because I genuinely believed I was born out of love!

So many people are taught similar beliefs about being a sinner. Of course, the whole story of being a sinner is based on the story of Adam and Eve. Because they ate of the tree of good and evil, they were cast out of the Garden of Eden to live the life of a sinner. Then, of course, it makes sense that this belief goes on to say because we are sinners, we need a redeemer. Supposedly, Jesus died to save us from the awful fate of sinners who end up in hell!

This story, in my opinion, is based on fear and control. As I grew older, I did not resonate with this teaching because, after all, we are also taught that God is love. So how could a loving father who created us in his own image condemn us as sinners?

We are born out of love into love!

In most situations, we came into the world through a loving union between our parents. Remembering that, how could we possibly believe we are born sinners?

But there is a catch:  Being born out of love does not ensure we live in love.   I needed to learn to love myself before genuinely loving and accepting others. So many of us find that difficult. I am guessing it may be because most of us were told we were born sinners.

Swati Singh writes in his article, Love Within and Outside, in the September issue of Science of Mind Magazine: “One of the reasons our world lacks love is that there is a lack of love within.”

His conclusion on finding love:

Spiritual love permeated these layers — the world around us, the people we engage with, and ourselves. Once such love blossoms within, it will also blossom on the outside. But first, we must heal ourselves and make sure our broken pieces don’t harm anyone else. We must use our best judgment to understand where our empathy is most needed. If it is needed first on ourselves, then so be it.

How can any of us heal ourselves? In my life, I healed myself by learning to be grateful for the world around me. I began to see miracles in so many aspects of my life. Practicing empathy helped me see that others were born out of love, too.

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