Counting Blessings

September is a month when I am counting my blessings! North Central Idaho is beautiful this time of the year. The air is still warm as summer is coming to a close. I take my daily walks along the levy of the Clearwater River. The tree-lined path is a beautiful sight, with various birds and… More Counting Blessings

Spiritual Bypass

If you have been around the New Thought spiritual community, you may have heard the term Spiritual bypass. So what is spiritual bypass?  Spiritual bypassing involves using spiritual explanations to dismiss or avoid complicated emotions or psychological issues. ~ Very Well Mind Spiritual bypass or spiritual bypassing is a “tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices… More Spiritual Bypass

Angry with God

A client I pray with regularly told me she was very angry with God.  Because of that, she was reluctant to talk to me and asked me not to call her back. I get it!  If we are truly honest, we are all angry with God from time to time. In my case, I was… More Angry with God

Hope Lines

Recently, I attended a book signing for my friend Neil Cox’s book:  Hope Lines. Neil’s book was significant to me as my husband because we helped him get it formatted and published.  Following is an excerpt I wrote in the Forward to his book’s first edition Hope Lines: The Ultimate Resource Guide for ‘Families in Trouble’!… More Hope Lines