Faith Overcomes Fear

During this time of uncertainty — especially about the coronavirus — you and others around you may be fearful. But I have found that faith always overcomes fear. But what is faith? Excerpt from the Unity Booklet: 30 Days to Fearless Living (Day 3 by Rev. Gaylon McDowell) Faith is our ability to see the… More Faith Overcomes Fear

Mindfulness During Stressful Times

Learning to practice mindfulness during stressful times helps us to appreciate the present moment.  Even when life around you is stressful, being mindful of the little things in life can be beautifully uplifting. For clarity, Mindfulness is the psychological process of purposely bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment without judgment, which… More Mindfulness During Stressful Times

Karma: What Is It?

I am sure you’ve heard the word: Karma!  We often refer to it as the retribution to some action (usually negative action).  In other words, negative actions against someone or something (or in some circles, evil actions) will be rewarded with negative action.  In biblical terms, this would be the ‘eye for an eye’ concept.… More Karma: What Is It?

Stop the Burning!

Chaos is too common lately.  Some days, my emotions flare up — I get angry, and I lose my alignment with Spirit.  The first thing I do is go into my spiritual practices of affirmative prayers, spiritual reading, and meditation. I often wonder what others do to ‘stop the burning’!  When I see the level… More Stop the Burning!

Remember “WWJD”?

If you remember the 70s and 80s when the evangelical movement was quite strong (and I was among those following it) and all kinds of ‘Christian’ bumper stickers were popular. But, do you remember WWJD?  It stood for the words: ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ At the time, I was not impressed with the saying.  Even… More Remember “WWJD”?