Controlling Frenzy

Our world, especially the US, tends to be too full of frenzy. Maybe it is time we learn how controlling frenzy helps us live peacefully. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. We moved there the year I started 1st grade. My dad was an engineer with Lockheed Missile & Space (the company’s… More Controlling Frenzy

In the Flow

As a young Catholic, I tried hard to be a ‘good girl’ so I could get into heaven. I was never taught that heaven was a state of mind; all I needed to do was get in the Flow! While reading the Science of Mind Magazine, I ran across an article by Rev. Emile Gauvreau.… More In the Flow

Every Day is a Gift

There are times when I forget every day is a gift. Then, something happened, and I again began to appreciate everything I was taking for granted. A couple of days ago, at about 4:30, our power went out. Living in a rural area, this is not uncommon. But yesterday was different. We live just outside… More Every Day is a Gift

Looking Inside

SPOILER ALERT:  SELF CONFESSION FOLLOWING. Sometimes, I forget who I am in Spirit. Unfortunately, this is what happened recently. The worst part was I forgot about looking inside myself for answers and directions. And this is not the first time I have drifted into trouble. I wrote an article titled Remember Who We Are a… More Looking Inside

Truth of Who I Am

In a world where false information spreads faster than spilled milk, it is hard to see our truth in Spirit. Knowing and believing the truth of who I am can bring positive changes in our lives and those around us. As a spiritual practitioner, I work with clients to help them find the truth about… More Truth of Who I Am

Ocean Waves

Today, I read this very interesting meme that got me thinking. It compared ocean waves with emotional waves. When emotions’s waves come crashing against your soul … stay calm.  Just like ocean waves, they ebb and flow.  Stay centered. Let the waves wash through you. If the ocean can calm itself so can you. Ingela… More Ocean Waves