Five Regrets in Life

We all regret something from our past.  Whether it pertains to relationships, work or events in life, there are always things that we wish we did differently. But in the end, how many of those regrets impacted us adversely?  And how many really mattered in the end? Bronnie Ware is an Australian nurse who spent… More Five Regrets in Life

Finding Your Gift!

I’ve always believed each of us is endowed with a special gift.  And although being a great artist, singer, musician, or writer is definitely a special gift, it goes much further than just artistic gifts.  (NOTE:  You might want to refer back to my last article:  We Are Creative Beings.) Two years ago, I shared… More Finding Your Gift!

We Are Creative Beings

For years, I never considered myself to be creative.  I didn’t paint.  I didn’t sing (at least not well enough to get paid for it!). I didn’t pay a musical instrument… You get the idea! But when I learned more about New Thought principles, I understood that we are all creative! Here are some interesting… More We Are Creative Beings

What is Mine To Do

In late May, I participated in an AGNT (Association for Global New Thought) Leadership Forum webinar, “Exploring Big Questions” with Dr. Kenn Gordon (Centers for Spiritual Living Spiritual Leader).  While discussing how we respond to current day crises and opportunities, one of the participants share some guidelines that I found very interesting and enlightening. Here… More What is Mine To Do


I spent several years as a traveling sales rep selling to gift shops.  Driving from town to town — mostly in Idaho — I visited retail buyers interested in buying new and unique products for their stores. One of the biggest lessons I learned was persistence.  Sometimes, I would get lucky and sell to a… More Persistence