Controlling Frenzy

Our world, especially the US, tends to be too full of frenzy. Maybe it is time we learn how controlling frenzy helps us live peacefully. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. We moved there the year I started 1st grade. My dad was an engineer with Lockheed Missile & Space (the company’s… More Controlling Frenzy

Sacred Activism

Having been a teenager in the 60s, I am very familiar with Social Activism.  But what about Sacred Activism?  How does it work, and what is ours to do as a sacred activist? As a teenager, I was against racism, violence, and the VietNam war.  I identified more with hippy thinking (I was not into… More Sacred Activism

Ocean Waves

Today, I read this very interesting meme that got me thinking. It compared ocean waves with emotional waves. When emotions’s waves come crashing against your soul … stay calm.  Just like ocean waves, they ebb and flow.  Stay centered. Let the waves wash through you. If the ocean can calm itself so can you. Ingela… More Ocean Waves

Prayer Partners

While enrolled in CSL Practitioner Studies, I was encouraged to work with prayer partners. Since there was an even number in the class, we coupled up with one person and met regularly for mutual prayer. Unfortunately, I am no longer working with the same prayer partner. But I have had a few prayer partners with… More Prayer Partners