Everyday Miracles

With all the noise we hear on the news lately, we forget that there are everyday miracles that we often miss seeing. I was reading an article during my morning meditation and prayer time when I saw an Ernest Holmes quote: It looks as though a miracle happened, but such is not the case.  It… More Everyday Miracles

Spiritual Awareness

Last week, I participated in a special workshop discussing Spiritual Awareness. During the discussion time, we shared situations where we became acutely aware that something beyond ourselves was guiding us. Bill Sarnowski (Center for Spiritual Living, North Jersey) facilitated the discussion. In his marketing materials for the workshop, he states: Without Awareness there can be… More Spiritual Awareness

Living Your Dreams

We all aspire to live our dreams.  There are many things in life that most of us would like to do, but how do we manifest our dreams? My story: For several years, I marketed my home-based businesses, plus several non-profit entities.  I gained a tremendous amount of experience with websites and social media marketing.… More Living Your Dreams

Setting Intentions to Create Spiritual Energy

“Energy flows where attention goes” is one of my favorite quotes to describe the process of setting intentions for the year. Now, notice, I did not say creating goals or resolutions! But instead, I suggest setting intentions to create spiritual energy to move you forward in life. Let me explain! The New Year has begun,… More Setting Intentions to Create Spiritual Energy

What is Ours to Do?

Every day we make decisions about our lives.  Often, these decisions only affect ourselves and maybe our immediate families. Sometimes, we are tempted to go beyond the bounds of what is ours to do! Last week, I needed to deal with this decision when I received a phone call from a gal affiliated with an… More What is Ours to Do?