Inner Peace Prayer

While I am out of town on business, I would like to share one of the messages and prayers from Unity Booklet:  Healing Thoughts INNER PEACE “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds” ~ Philippians 4:7 Within the innermost part of my being, there is a… More Inner Peace Prayer

Is the Bible True?

Do you believe the Bible is real? Numerous discussions over the years have addressed this issue.  Personally, I have watched many documentaries about archeological research to find Noah’s ark, remains of King David and/or King Solomon’s kingdom and other parts of the Bible. But what about the Bible?  Should we treat it as truth? Recently… More Is the Bible True?

God and You

While reading “Practicing the Presence” by Joel S. Goldsmith, I discovered the following inspirational story: There is an old, old story about a great spiritual teacher who knocked at the gates of heaven for admission into paradise.  After some time, God comes to the door and inquired, “who is there? Who knocks? To this query,… More God and You

Finding Deeper Understanding

Beautiful story about learning to trust through a deeper understanding of who we are.  Written by Rev. Melony McGant aka Miss Mellie Rainbow, a storyteller, thought-leader, humanist, poet, & compassionate communications professional. Deeper Understanding! ~ by Melony McGant Beautiful People, In the Time of material greed, corruption, and religious wars, there was a Woman who had… More Finding Deeper Understanding

Panning For Gold – A Story About Finding Your Purpose in Life

Panning for Gold ~ Author Unknown, but found on the following website:  Better Life Coaching Blog A frustrated young man went to see the wise man in his village. “I don’t know what to do with my life.  How do I find my purpose?” the young man asked. “Follow me,” said the old man. Silently,… More Panning For Gold – A Story About Finding Your Purpose in Life