Purpose and Passion

Earlier this week, I joined a newly formed Women’s group to discuss purpose and passion. Each person had a different perspective, but most admitted that they weren’t sure what their purpose was. Honestly, I never really thought much about purpose or even passion. I did what I needed to do to raise my four children… More Purpose and Passion

Looking Inside

SPOILER ALERT:  SELF CONFESSION FOLLOWING. Sometimes, I forget who I am in Spirit. Unfortunately, this is what happened recently. The worst part was I forgot about looking inside myself for answers and directions. And this is not the first time I have drifted into trouble. I wrote an article titled Remember Who We Are a… More Looking Inside

Enjoying Life

The last few weeks were filled with some lovely time with family. As I have gotten older, I appreciate the time away from my office, my part-time work, — enjoying life around me. Visit from In-Laws Last week, my husband’s sister and her husband drove up from the southern part of the state and spent… More Enjoying Life

A Christmas Miracle

My holiday season was different this year. There were many stumbling blocks, stressors, and confusion, but I experienced a small Christmas Miracle in the end! Nothing this season seemed to go the way I wanted. Thanksgiving didn’t go as planned, and we spent it alone, trying to cope with the stress it created. Then a… More A Christmas Miracle

Buried Truth

After studying the Bible and religious theology for most of my life, I think there are many buried truths and misconceptions I have embraced over the years. As a Catholic, I was taught I was born a sinner, and the only way to salvation was to confess my sins to a Priest. I followed those… More Buried Truth