Karma: What Is It?

I am sure you’ve heard the word: Karma!  We often refer to it as the retribution to some action (usually negative action).  In other words, negative actions against someone or something (or in some circles, evil actions) will be rewarded with negative action.  In biblical terms, this would be the ‘eye for an eye’ concept.… More Karma: What Is It?

Finding Your Gift!

I’ve always believed each of us is endowed with a special gift.  And although being a great artist, singer, musician, or writer is definitely a special gift, it goes much further than just artistic gifts.  (NOTE:  You might want to refer back to my last article:  We Are Creative Beings.) Two years ago, I shared… More Finding Your Gift!

We Are Creative Beings

For years, I never considered myself to be creative.  I didn’t paint.  I didn’t sing (at least not well enough to get paid for it!). I didn’t pay a musical instrument… You get the idea! But when I learned more about New Thought principles, I understood that we are all creative! Here are some interesting… More We Are Creative Beings

Stop the Burning!

Chaos is too common lately.  Some days, my emotions flare up — I get angry, and I lose my alignment with Spirit.  The first thing I do is go into my spiritual practices of affirmative prayers, spiritual reading, and meditation. I often wonder what others do to ‘stop the burning’!  When I see the level… More Stop the Burning!

Inner Peace Prayer

While I am out of town on business, I would like to share one of the messages and prayers from Unity Booklet:  Healing Thoughts INNER PEACE “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds” ~ Philippians 4:7 Within the innermost part of my being, there is a… More Inner Peace Prayer

Seven Seeds of Serenity

As the political situation continues to bombard us every day, it is easy to stress over the different issues and different opinions expressed by friends and family. In the November 2018 issue of Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine, writer Kathy Juline, RScP, offers seven seeds of serenity to ‘plant’ to achieve serenity,… More Seven Seeds of Serenity