Purpose and Passion

Earlier this week, I joined a newly formed Women’s group to discuss purpose and passion. Each person had a different perspective, but most admitted that they weren’t sure what their purpose was. Honestly, I never really thought much about purpose or even passion. I did what I needed to do to raise my four children… More Purpose and Passion

In the Flow

As a young Catholic, I tried hard to be a ‘good girl’ so I could get into heaven. I was never taught that heaven was a state of mind; all I needed to do was get in the Flow! While reading the Science of Mind Magazine, I ran across an article by Rev. Emile Gauvreau.… More In the Flow

Dancing with the Shadow

Dancing with the Shadow, a prayer-led path to wholeness is a special course offered by Rev. Dr. Michelle Wadleigh. For the last few years, I have known and worked with Rev. Michelle (current Senior Minister at CSL North Jersey). I started taking her classes, including Dancing with the Shadow, in 2018-2019. Her gentle guidance and teaching… More Dancing with the Shadow

Every Day is a Gift

There are times when I forget every day is a gift. Then, something happened, and I again began to appreciate everything I was taking for granted. A couple of days ago, at about 4:30, our power went out. Living in a rural area, this is not uncommon. But yesterday was different. We live just outside… More Every Day is a Gift

Looking Inside

SPOILER ALERT:  SELF CONFESSION FOLLOWING. Sometimes, I forget who I am in Spirit. Unfortunately, this is what happened recently. The worst part was I forgot about looking inside myself for answers and directions. And this is not the first time I have drifted into trouble. I wrote an article titled Remember Who We Are a… More Looking Inside

Truth of Who I Am

In a world where false information spreads faster than spilled milk, it is hard to see our truth in Spirit. Knowing and believing the truth of who I am can bring positive changes in our lives and those around us. As a spiritual practitioner, I work with clients to help them find the truth about… More Truth of Who I Am

Sacred Activism

Having been a teenager in the 60s, I am very familiar with Social Activism.  But what about Sacred Activism?  How does it work, and what is ours to do as a sacred activist? As a teenager, I was against racism, violence, and the VietNam war.  I identified more with hippy thinking (I was not into… More Sacred Activism