Mindfulness During Stressful Times

Learning to practice mindfulness during stressful times helps us to appreciate the present moment.  Even when life around you is stressful, being mindful of the little things in life can be beautifully uplifting. For clarity, Mindfulness is the psychological process of purposely bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment without judgment, which… More Mindfulness During Stressful Times

The Power of Namaste

There is spiritual power in the practice of Namaste. Namaste is an ancient Sanskrit word that is an expression of veneration, worship, reverence, an “offering of homage” and “adoration”. Although it literally means “bowing to you”, it is commonly interpreted to mean “I bow to the divine in you” or  “The Divine in me honors… More The Power of Namaste

The Happiness Project

After receiving a prompt from a friend and member of my Spiritual Abundance Facebook group, I purchased and read a book called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. The book is the year-long process by the author to finding happiness in everyday life. Here, in her words, is the beginning of her search. One April… More The Happiness Project

Living in Gratitude After Thanksgiving

The true grateful feelings around Thanksgiving are seldom practiced after the actual day of celebration. Over the years, the historical story about the Native Americans and Pilgrims’ special meal evolved into a national day of gratitude.  Since the late 1700s, people celebrate this event in history by sharing a large meal with loved ones.  But… More Living in Gratitude After Thanksgiving

Five Regrets in Life

We all regret something from our past.  Whether it pertains to relationships, work or events in life, there are always things that we wish we did differently. But in the end, how many of those regrets impacted us adversely?  And how many really mattered in the end? Bronnie Ware is an Australian nurse who spent… More Five Regrets in Life

Karma: What Is It?

I am sure you’ve heard the word: Karma!  We often refer to it as the retribution to some action (usually negative action).  In other words, negative actions against someone or something (or in some circles, evil actions) will be rewarded with negative action.  In biblical terms, this would be the ‘eye for an eye’ concept.… More Karma: What Is It?