Enjoying Life

The last few weeks were filled with some lovely time with family. As I have gotten older, I appreciate the time away from my office, my part-time work, — enjoying life around me. Visit from In-Laws Last week, my husband’s sister and her husband drove up from the southern part of the state and spent… More Enjoying Life

Spiritual Bypass

If you have been around the New Thought spiritual community, you may have heard the term Spiritual bypass. So what is spiritual bypass?  Spiritual bypassing involves using spiritual explanations to dismiss or avoid complicated emotions or psychological issues. ~ Very Well Mind Spiritual bypass or spiritual bypassing is a “tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices… More Spiritual Bypass

Are You Listening?

As a young girl, I remember when my mother was talking to me, she’d often ask:  Are you listening?  Now, as a grown-up with grown kids of my own, I hear them ask their little ones, are you listening to me? (They probably remember me asking them the same thing when they were little.) Of… More Are You Listening?

What is Ours to Do?

Every day we make decisions about our lives.  Often, these decisions only affect ourselves and maybe our immediate families. Sometimes, we are tempted to go beyond the bounds of what is ours to do! Last week, I needed to deal with this decision when I received a phone call from a gal affiliated with an… More What is Ours to Do?

Cultivate Discernment

As Spiritual Practitioners, we were taught to cultivate discernment while dealing with clients.  In other words, don’t judge other people or their actions — especially those who come to you for help, support, and prayer. According to Wiki:  “Discernment is the ability to obtain sharp perceptions or to judge well. In the case of judgment,… More Cultivate Discernment