Dancing with the Shadow

Dancing with the Shadow, a prayer-led path to wholeness is a special course offered by Rev. Dr. Michelle Wadleigh. For the last few years, I have known and worked with Rev. Michelle (current Senior Minister at CSL North Jersey). I started taking her classes, including Dancing with the Shadow, in 2018-2019. Her gentle guidance and teaching… More Dancing with the Shadow

Forgiving the Shadow

I want to announce a unique opportunity to attend a special Introduction to Forgiving the Shadow workshop hosted by Rev. Dr. Michelle Wadleigh of the Planned Happiness Institute (PHI). For the last few years, I have known and worked with Rev. Michelle (current minister of CSL North Jersey). I started by taking her class, No… More Forgiving the Shadow

Our Sacred Friends

Did you know that we have ‘sacred friends’ that help us learn important lessons in life? But before I explain, let me tell you the backstory. Currently, I am enrolled in a Forgiveness Coaching program. We learn to coach people through forgiveness in their lives to move forward into their true selves. Through my work… More Our Sacred Friends

Tell a New Story

Have you been telling a story about yourself that may not be true?  I discovered I have and decided to tell a new story! I attended a  wonderful Sunday service last week.  The title of the talk was “Boldly Living a New Story.”  Of course, the talk was focusing on the stories we tell ourselves.… More Tell a New Story