Mirror Work

Society has become such a fast-paced lifestyle that most of us don’t spend enough time in mirror work to see how we really show up in the world. I am reading a book (and involved with a book study) called The Four Pivots by Shawn A. Ginwright, PhD. I  just started reading it, but I… More Mirror Work

In the Flow

As a young Catholic, I tried hard to be a ‘good girl’ so I could get into heaven. I was never taught that heaven was a state of mind; all I needed to do was get in the Flow! While reading the Science of Mind Magazine, I ran across an article by Rev. Emile Gauvreau.… More In the Flow

Sacred Activism

Having been a teenager in the 60s, I am very familiar with Social Activism.  But what about Sacred Activism?  How does it work, and what is ours to do as a sacred activist? As a teenager, I was against racism, violence, and the VietNam war.  I identified more with hippy thinking (I was not into… More Sacred Activism

Embodying Gratitude

With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, we remember the practices of expressing and embodying gratitude. After all, the holiday is called Thanksgiving! Sadly, most of us never think about gratitude until November. Life can be so much fuller when we learn to embody gratitude every day. Pray Without Ceasing I remember my Bible reading… More Embodying Gratitude

Spiritual Awareness

Last week, I participated in a special workshop discussing Spiritual Awareness. During the discussion time, we shared situations where we became acutely aware that something beyond ourselves was guiding us. Bill Sarnowski (Center for Spiritual Living, North Jersey) facilitated the discussion. In his marketing materials for the workshop, he states: Without Awareness there can be… More Spiritual Awareness