Purpose and Passion

Earlier this week, I joined a newly formed Women’s group to discuss purpose and passion. Each person had a different perspective, but most admitted that they weren’t sure what their purpose was. Honestly, I never really thought much about purpose or even passion. I did what I needed to do to raise my four children… More Purpose and Passion

Truth of Who I Am

In a world where false information spreads faster than spilled milk, it is hard to see our truth in Spirit. Knowing and believing the truth of who I am can bring positive changes in our lives and those around us. As a spiritual practitioner, I work with clients to help them find the truth about… More Truth of Who I Am

Everyday Miracles

With all the noise we hear on the news lately, we forget that there are everyday miracles that we often miss seeing. I was reading an article during my morning meditation and prayer time when I saw an Ernest Holmes quote: It looks as though a miracle happened, but such is not the case.  It… More Everyday Miracles