Living Your Dreams

We all aspire to live our dreams.  There are many things in life that most of us would like to do, but how do we manifest our dreams? My story: For several years, I marketed my home-based businesses, plus several non-profit entities.  I gained a tremendous amount of experience with websites and social media marketing.… More Living Your Dreams

Remember Who We Are

Life has its moments where we do not remember who we are.  Living gets complicated and messing, and suddenly, we feel out of control and react out of fear, confusion, and pain.  Can you relate? I spent way too long in a relationship, not remembering who I am. In this relationship, I was constantly belittled. … More Remember Who We Are

Finding Happiness

Last year, I wrote a series of posts on The Happiness Project — one post for each month!  Since then, I had not found another good story about happiness until I ran across this story about finding happiness with balloons. The Happiness Balloons A wise teacher once brought balloons to the school and told her… More Finding Happiness