Spiritual Bypass

If you have been around the New Thought spiritual community, you may have heard the term Spiritual bypass. So what is spiritual bypass?  Spiritual bypassing involves using spiritual explanations to dismiss or avoid complicated emotions or psychological issues. ~ Very Well Mind Spiritual bypass or spiritual bypassing is a “tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices… More Spiritual Bypass

Angry with God

A client I pray with regularly told me she was very angry with God.  Because of that, she was reluctant to talk to me and asked me not to call her back. I get it!  If we are truly honest, we are all angry with God from time to time. In my case, I was… More Angry with God

Peace on Earth

With the many religious holidays and traditions, we can be overly busy during the holiday season.  But sometimes, during all the planning, we miss the meaning behind Christmas.  What about the story of Peace on Earth?  Where does our peace go when we are so busy? Over time, I decided to stop all the craziness… More Peace on Earth

Remember Who We Are

Life has its moments where we do not remember who we are.  Living gets complicated and messing, and suddenly, we feel out of control and react out of fear, confusion, and pain.  Can you relate? I spent way too long in a relationship, not remembering who I am. In this relationship, I was constantly belittled. … More Remember Who We Are

What is Ours to Do?

Every day we make decisions about our lives.  Often, these decisions only affect ourselves and maybe our immediate families. Sometimes, we are tempted to go beyond the bounds of what is ours to do! Last week, I needed to deal with this decision when I received a phone call from a gal affiliated with an… More What is Ours to Do?