Affirmative Prayer Changed My Life, Part Five

In the last articles, I talked about my journey with prayer and affirmations.  If you missed reading them, here are the links: Affirmations, Part One Affirmations, Part Two Affirmations, Part Three Affirmations, Part Four Part Five of My Story In Part Four of my story, I shared my troubled 20-year marriage to an abusive man. … More Affirmative Prayer Changed My Life, Part Five

How Affirmations Changed My Life, Part One

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I share lots of affirmative posts and memes.  In today’s turbulent world, I find that reading and sharing positive messages keeps me feeling better about life in general. But other than creating this ‘feel good’ nature, is there something deeper to repeating affirmations? Years ago, when… More How Affirmations Changed My Life, Part One

Inner Peace Prayer

While I am out of town on business, I would like to share one of the messages and prayers from Unity Booklet:  Healing Thoughts INNER PEACE “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds” ~ Philippians 4:7 Within the innermost part of my being, there is a… More Inner Peace Prayer

Expect a Miracle

The 40-Day Prosperity Program starts this Monday, January 14.  (Note:  If you have not received your free resources, you can sign up to access the packet, which includes a list of the affirmations here: 40-Day Prosperity Resource Sign Up .) To prepare for the daily affirmations, I want to challenge you to EXPECT A MIRACLE! … More Expect a Miracle