Living Your Dreams

We all aspire to live our dreams.  There are many things in life that most of us would like to do, but how do we manifest our dreams? My story: For several years, I marketed my home-based businesses, plus several non-profit entities.  I gained a tremendous amount of experience with websites and social media marketing.… More Living Your Dreams

Is Worry a Prayer?

A worried mother raised me.  She seemed to worry about everything.  I have vivid memories of some of the many things she told me while growing up: Don’t stay out late without friends with you. Don’t walk or drive home at night alone. Don’t go to rock concerts where there are drugs. Don’t …. don’t… More Is Worry a Prayer?

Tell a New Story

Have you been telling a story about yourself that may not be true?  I discovered I have and decided to tell a new story! I attended a  wonderful Sunday service last week.  The title of the talk was “Boldly Living a New Story.”  Of course, the talk was focusing on the stories we tell ourselves.… More Tell a New Story