Mirror Work

Society has become such a fast-paced lifestyle that most of us don’t spend enough time in mirror work to see how we really show up in the world. I am reading a book (and involved with a book study) called The Four Pivots by Shawn A. Ginwright, PhD. I  just started reading it, but I… More Mirror Work

Create a Sacred Space

Daily spiritual practice is a good habit to create, especially first thing in the morning. But the first step is to create a sacred space. To start creating a sacred spiritual space, pick a time and place each day for your practices where you feel safe. Somewhere safe makes it easier to connect with Spirit.… More Create a Sacred Space

Peace on Earth

With the many religious holidays and traditions, we can be overly busy during the holiday season.  But sometimes, during all the planning, we miss the meaning behind Christmas.  What about the story of Peace on Earth?  Where does our peace go when we are so busy? Over time, I decided to stop all the craziness… More Peace on Earth