The Power of Prayer

When my daughter and grandson were very sick, I learned the power of prayer — my own prayers and the prayer of others. I have been a licensed practitioner for 7 years. To receive my license, I took nearly 4 years of classes and passed a written and oral exam. To maintain my license, I… More The Power of Prayer

Create a Sacred Space

Daily spiritual practice is a good habit to create, especially first thing in the morning. But the first step is to create a sacred space. To start creating a sacred spiritual space, pick a time and place each day for your practices where you feel safe. Somewhere safe makes it easier to connect with Spirit.… More Create a Sacred Space

Prayer Partners

While enrolled in CSL Practitioner Studies, I was encouraged to work with prayer partners. Since there was an even number in the class, we coupled up with one person and met regularly for mutual prayer. Unfortunately, I am no longer working with the same prayer partner. But I have had a few prayer partners with… More Prayer Partners

Praying for Others

As a licensed Spiritual Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living, I’ve had the privilege of praying for others, in person and online. I refer to it as a privilege because when I pray for others, I am also praying for myself, as prayer changes everyone involved! When we pray for others, just like when we… More Praying for Others

Remember to Pray

One of the teachings I love about Science of Mind/Centers for Spiritual Living is their special prayer. But prayer doesn’t help if we don’t remember to pray! Being trained as a licensed Spiritual Practitioner, prayer was one of the central teachings:  Praying for others, praying for ourselves, and praying for the world. I was also… More Remember to Pray

Buried Truth

After studying the Bible and religious theology for most of my life, I think there are many buried truths and misconceptions I have embraced over the years. As a Catholic, I was taught I was born a sinner, and the only way to salvation was to confess my sins to a Priest. I followed those… More Buried Truth