Buried Truth

After studying the Bible and religious theology for most of my life, I think there are many buried truths and misconceptions I have embraced over the years. As a Catholic, I was taught I was born a sinner, and the only way to salvation was to confess my sins to a Priest. I followed those… More Buried Truth

Hope Lines

Recently, I attended a book signing for my friend Neil Cox’s book:  Hope Lines. Neil’s book was significant to me as my husband because we helped him get it formatted and published.  Following is an excerpt I wrote in the Forward to his book’s first edition Hope Lines: The Ultimate Resource Guide for ‘Families in Trouble’!… More Hope Lines

Spiritual Practices: Sacred Spiritual Study

It is widely accepted when you finish your official schooling (high school or college), you are done studying!  But studying and accumulating knowledge never ends — especially sacred spiritual study where you study to improve yourself and your inner life. Although I was never one of the ‘brainy kids’ in school, I read lots of… More Spiritual Practices: Sacred Spiritual Study