Manifesting Your Dreams

Manifesting your dreams and goals may seem like a lofty thought. You can find many spiritual gurus promising the secret formula for manifesting your dreams. (Actually, even I have a free email course on this subject:  Manifesting Peace and Fulfillment!) Even though this sounds unbelievable, there is truth to many of the principles. After the… More Manifesting Your Dreams

Steps to Create Effective Visualization

Visualization (directing your imagination) is a powerful tool in creating your goals and desires.  Couple visualization with positive affirmative prayer increases your ability to manifest the things you want in life.  But how do you create effective visualization? Shakti Gawain outlines steps to create this process in her book:  Creative Visualization Set Your Goals Your… More Steps to Create Effective Visualization

‘The Path to Wealth’ Daily Practice, Final Steps

One of my favorite books and favorite spiritual practices is from May McCarthy’s book:  The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance Personally, meeting May many years ago, reading her books and attending her talks and workshops impacted my life in a deep and wonderful way. Throughout the years,  I continue to read… More ‘The Path to Wealth’ Daily Practice, Final Steps

Using Visualization

Using visualization is engaging your imagination and the creative side of your brain to help bring forth your goals and desires.  Visualization is so powerful that implants the following in your mind and body: Your mind already thinks you are experiencing it Your body will become a magnet and pull your desire to you When… More Using Visualization