Change Begins with a Thought

Have you ever thought that we could create more peace in our lives and the world by just changing our perspective?  Do you believe that change begins with a thought?

If you pay attention, most of the thoughts that go through an average person’s brain are not peaceful.  We allow the driver in front of us to annoy us — especially when we are in a hurry.  We let the news of the world depress and discourage us.  And we remember the critical words directed at us by our parents and teachers.  Pretty soon, we can be discontented with the world around us!Change Begins with a Thought

So, what if we focus on the positive things in life. Read about the positive things that are happening in the world. Start by remembering the positive feedback you received from your friends or work environment. Or maybe join us in our Meditation for World Peace and Harmony.

Changing your thoughts from destructive words to positive, affirming words can significantly change your life.

When I first met and married my husband, he posted affirmations all over the house.  Initially, I thought it was rather silly.  But as time wore on, I found they were uplifting.  Then, I began reading and listening to uplifting thoughts.  My daily morning reading of Science of Mind and Unity Magazine impacted my life significantly.  Even though unpleasant things happened around me, I chose to change what I was thinking to focus on the positive things in my life.

According to Jennifer Picinic in her Science of Mind article, ‘Your Heart’s Desire’:

In the center of our being exists a sweet conviction that all is forever well.  It is up to us to allow this treasure of our souls to surface with each new day.

We can choose to see past the darkness and ensure only goodness remains in our consciousness. We can cleanse all impurities of thought until only seeds of love are projected outward.  This is how we can change the world one by one.

This Sunday evening, May 15, at 6:00 pm PT, we host our monthly Meditation for World Peace and Harmony.  Please, consider joining us to change the world, beginning with just one thought. (Click on the image for more information.)

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