Create a Sacred Space

Daily spiritual practice is a good habit to create, especially first thing in the morning. But the first step is to create a sacred space.

To start creating a sacred spiritual space, pick a time and place each day for your practices where you feel safe. Somewhere safe makes it easier to connect with Spirit.

There is no right or wrong way to create your sacred spiritual space.

For me, I chose a corner of my living room, next to a picture window, offering a view of nature surrounding me and a glimpse of the rising sun (depending on the time of year).Create a Sacred Space

My husband is more of a night owl; he goes to bed later and gets up later than me. So, first thing in the morning works best for my daily practice. After my morning business (fixing my vitamin drink followed by a cup of tea) and turning on the heat, I wrap myself in a blanket and sit in the padded chair near the window. At that time of the day, the house is quiet, and the outside light is graying and lightening up, which is very spiritual for me.

Also, I wake in a very receptive state at this time of the morning, so my consciousness is ideal for practicing and absorbing spirituality.

Often, my sacred space includes my cat. Occasionally she wishes to join me in the morning by sitting with me during my reading, prayer, and meditation time. Typically, that is the only time she sits on my ‘sacred space chair’! (Who says animals can feel spirituality?)

When I create my sacred space, I make room to keep my various spiritual reading material.

My space typically contains magazines, books, and prayer cards. I always keep a pad of paper and pen handy as I often take notes or underline important messages.   Reading is a very important part of my sacred space, as reading, meditation, and prayer are part of my morning practice.

I also keep some spiritual pieces, such as the beautiful pot full of pinecones and my silk flower arrangements. Surrounding myself with beautiful things helps put me in a spiritual mood. Other things you may want to add to your space are candles, incense, statues, or any other artifact that seems spiritual to you.

Surrounding myself with the perfectly created spiritual space helps me to be open to the promptings of Spirit during my reading, note-taking, meditation, and prayer.  I highly recommend that you create your own sacred space in your home to use to commune with Spirit or go to when you need to center yourself.

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