Daily Sacred Practice

Last week, I talked about creating a sacred space. Today, I want to go deeper by sharing ideas for a daily sacred practice.

But first, why daily?

If you are anything like me, times that unbalances me come up during the day. I get triggered, rattled, and knocked off my spiritual center. When I start and end my day with my sacred practices, these unbalance happen less often — or at least I catch myself knowing when my mind is going off track!

Like creating a sacred space, there is no right or wrong way to create your daily sacred practice.daily sacred practice

Unity booklet, Finding Peace Through Prayer, shares some basic Five-Step Prayer Process Toward Freedom that I have used myself for years:

The first step invited me to relax. This was a way to shift from the events of the day and take a journey to open my heart. I practiced this by taking a few conscious breaths, in and out. As I continued to breathe, I focused my attention on the top of my head, directing my breath there, then focused breath down through every area of my body until I reached my toes. I could feel my entire body relaxing into the nothingness of the moment.

The next step of becoming free was to concentrate. In that moment, I affirmed: God is. I recognized this Presence is everywhere. It is infinite, the universal life force and the wind beneath the wings of all that is, was, and ever will be. God is.

Then, I moved into meditation. I integrated my humanness with my divine essence by affirming these words as my mantra: “God is source, flowing in, through, and as me. I feel the presence of God.”

In the sacred container I had created, I realized. In this realization, I became very silent. So silent that I could hear the sounds of life all around me. The crickets, space between the words, space to experience the Divine as me. I realized all that I had been yearning and searching for was already within me.

As I concluded this expansive time with myself, I gave thanks. I was grateful for this new and different way of releasing the day. I was thankful to have a new way to celebrate and affirm my life.

Typically, I include reading in my daily sacred spiritual practice. I find the words from Science of Mind, Unity, and Daily Word Magazines inspiring and grounding. I continue my practice by going to my computer and reading all the inspiring messages I receive from the several New Thought organization I am affiliated with.

If you want to create your own daily sacred practice, I recommend May McCarthy’s book:  The Path to Wealth. She guides readers through a 7-step program that created results in my life!

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