Dancing with the Shadow

Dancing with the Shadow, a prayer-led path to wholeness is a special course offered by Rev. Dr. Michelle Wadleigh.

For the last few years, I have known and worked with Rev. Michelle (current Senior Minister at CSL North Jersey). I started taking her classes, including Dancing with the Shadow, in 2018-2019. Her gentle guidance and teaching helped me move forward, free from guilt and regret. Of course, my life and well-being became more effective and less encumbered by past trauma.

Although this course is different from her Forgiveness course, both classes build on each other, helping students get beyond their past wounds.

According to Rev. Michelle:Dancing with the Shadow

Dancing with the Shadow is a path toward remembering who you are, it is not about becoming something new. We will walk together in love, removing the distractions and the blocks and will do so while doing no harm to ourselves or another. ..

I have been doing some aspect of this work for over forty years. I can share with you in all honesty that I am never at the mercy of my emotions. I still have them. I still react at times. I still feel them. But I am no longer afraid. To the contrary, when I catch myself reacting or in judgment of myself or others, I celebrate the experience because I know without a doubt that I am about to adopt a new aspect of myself and that I am returning to a state of wholeness.

My desire for you on this journey is that you begin to see how easy it is to feel something, see something, and heal something with ease and grace.

On September 14, she and PHI are hosting her signature Dancing with the Shadow. The class will be on Zoom at 4:00 Pacific, 5:00 Mountain, 6:00 Cental or 7:00 pm Eastern Time.

I know Rev. Michelle’s Dancing with the Shadow course will touch you and lead you toward emotional and spiritual freedom. I know that because her previous classes have done this for many of my classmates and me. Read the following statement from a former classmate:

“Our shadow lives within us, not outside us. This can make life extremely challenging at times. I encourage you to take this journey and dance with your shadow in love, self-inquiry, appreciation, forgiveness, joy, and freedom. You will experience superb facilitation, a wonderful curriculum, and supportive loving classmates. During this course, you will be gently guided to arrive at a new life of Wholeness. Say YES to you! Sign up now!”

— Sharie Davis, RScP

Register for the class to receive the Zoom login information. Register as soon as possible since there is suggested prework for the course, which aids students in moving forward more quickly in the process.

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