Deeper Peek into Purpose

Before we leave the subject of purpose and passion, I encourage you to take a deeper peek into purpose. Start by pondering the following article from the Science of Mind magazine by Dennis Meritt Jones to see if something stirs within you.

Imagine, in the beginning, before we each arrived here from the ethers of the Divine, God plucked from Its own Essence little individuated globules of Itself, and speaking to them said the following. Soul Beings, I am sending you on a mission. Your soul and sole purpose is to go to planet Earth and be Me. To make this possible, I give you a uniform called a body, which is nothing more than a temporary, carbon based, biodegradable, disposable vessel from which you shall eject upon completion of your mission.Deeper Peek into Purpose

I also give you a personality with which you will create many learning opportunities about how to be Me in my highest vibration: unconditional love. Because this is a big job, you’ll not be alone on your mission. I’ve sent 8 billion of you to be Me. You’ll know when you are ”being on purpose” because you’ll feel connected to something larger than yourself, which is Me. Be mindful of that feeling. It’s called passion, and it will tether you to your purpose in the present moment.

I breathed the breath of My Life into you because we are a team. We need each other to fulfill this purpose. Because I am the Life principle that animates your being, you are my emissary, my divine delivery system. Therefore, your purpose is to be an open and willing vessel through which I flow into infinite and unique forms of expression.

In an effort not to imitate other soul beings. I created you to be a one-of a-kind ambassador because I don’t need two of anything exactly the same,which would be a redundancy in a universe of infinite possibilities. My desire is for you to be Me as only you can be.

Now, depart into the light and fulfill your unique purpose with passion. Oh, and by the way, when you arrive on Earth, you’ll forget all about this conversation.

What an image this conjures up about our purpose on earth. Just sharing the ultimate gift of life, we are beginning to develop a deeper peek into purpose for each of us in this world. Many of us, like me, do not see this until later in life. But it is beautiful to know that we are living on purpose. And living the way Dennis states in his article:  “But, how are we to know when we are living ‘on purpose’? Passion points the way to that which is ours to do.”



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