Forgiveness: Emotional and Spiritual Freedom

If you seek emotional and spiritual freedom, you will want to attend a special course on Forgiveness hosted by Rev. Dr. Michelle Wadleigh of the Planned Happiness Institute (PHI).

For the last few years, I have known and worked with Rev. Michelle (current minister of CSL North Jersey). I started by taking her class, No Mud No Lotus (newly formatted to Forgiveness – The Course), in 2018 -2019. Her gentle guidance and teaching helped me move forward in my life free from feelings of guilt and regret. Of course, my life and well-being became more effective and less encumbered by past trauma.

Forgiveness: Emotional and Spiritual FreedomRev. Michelle has lived and breathed forgiveness in her own life. Her book, Forgiveness, A Path, A Promise, A Way of Life, talks about her own path toward forgiveness and practices and techniques to work through forgiveness.

On June 8, she and PHI are hosting her signature Forgiveness class, scheduled especially for folks in the Pacific and Mountain Time Zones Forgiveness – The course. The class will be on Zoom at 6:00 pm Pacific or 7:00 pm Mountain Time.

I know Rev. Michelle’s Forgiveness Course will touch you and lead you toward emotional and spiritual freedom. I know that because her previous classes have done this for many of my former classmates and me. Read the following statement from a former classmate:

Since the first day of Forgiveness, The Course I felt supported to take a very deep dive into the baggage I’ve been carrying around FOR DECADES.  Exploring the baggage, while painful at times, has been amazingly freeing beyond words.  I know I’m truly on a path to personal growth, freedom, and spiritual wonder that I never, in my wildest imagination, could have ever dreamed possible.

An added benefit from the course is that I now am beginning to use these principles with my psychotherapy clients.  The questioning in their eyes as I gently ask them if they can forgive themselves is beyond description.  The relief they show is truly amazing as they find that I won’t reject or shame them for who they are.  Some try to hold on to their limiting beliefs about themselves, but in every instance, I encourage them to try and see themselves as I see them, truly wonderful, awesome, amazing and loveable beyond words.

 Thank you so much for this opportunity.  I’m so glad I listened to the “soft, gentle voice” yelling in my head, “Why the hell wouldn’t you want to forgive yourself?  What have you got to lose, except pain, struggle, and sorrow?”  I’m so grateful I listened and followed through.  I feel truly blessed!!!

— Cynthia Odell, LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)

Register for the class to receive the Zoom login information. Register as soon as possible since there is suggested prework for the course, which aids students in moving forward more quickly in the process.

Now, here is Rev. Michelle explaining the Course and the story behind it in her own words:


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