Four Actions for Claiming Self-Empowerment

Do you practice and proclaim self-empowerment in your life?  If you are like me, we were taught to go with the flow, not to make waves, when in disagreement with what we see and hear going on around us.

Self-empowerment has been a topic of thought for me for a long time.  Since I tend to lean towards being an empathic supporter, this is an area I need to work on in my own life. And it has also become an important part of dealing with the injustices we see around usFour Actions for Claiming Self-Empowerment day-to-day.

I found special motivation and direction, in this area, after reading Unity Magazine’s March/April article:  Reclaiming My Time: Four Vital Steps to Self-Empowerment Under Pressure.

Let me share the action steps as described by the author of the article, Brittany McBryde:

Step One:  Breathe

Did you know that when we under attack or in stress mode we tend to hold our breath!  Unfortunately, this reaction makes our stress level rise not drop.  Stopping to breathe also allows us time to collect our thoughts before reacting.

Step Two:  Affirm Your Purpose

Instead of shutting down or becoming verbally abusive, focus on the desired outcome you wish to achieve in a given situation.  Most arguments start when we become unfocused and just start reacting (like when we don’t stop to breathe!)

Step Three:  State Your Needs

Take the opportunity to speak your truth which signals the Universe that you are clear on what you want.  It also shows that you deserve respect in your truth!  When you communicate your needs without blame or judgment, you are leading with love and inviting others to problem-solve with you.

Step Four:  Embrace the Uncomfortable

True transformation requires some discomfort — at least in the beginning process.  Expect it! But then, learn to walk away when or if you cannot find a way to reclaim your power.

No one ever said conversations or relationships were easy.  But when we do not respect ourselves, those around us don’t either.  Best step I ever took in claiming my self-empowerment is when I left abusive relationships.  Walking away was the only step left for me to take.  And the release I found in this step was exhilarating — maybe not at first, but it happened over time!

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