Hope Lines

Recently, I attended a book signing for my friend Neil Cox’s book:  Hope Lines.

Neil Presley Cox and his wife, Anna

Neil’s book was significant to me as my husband because we helped him get it formatted and published.  Following is an excerpt I wrote in the Forward to his book’s first edition

Hope Lines: The Ultimate Resource Guide for ‘Families in Trouble’!

Neil Presley Cox was writing Hope Lines when I met him at a local writers’ group in Lewiston, Idaho, 2019. We began networking, mostly via social media, where we shared and appreciated our different (but mutual) passion for helping solve everyday realities, with a dose of the spiritual thrown into the mix.

Neil possesses rare positive qualities for any attorney, and more so for one who works almost daily with families in trouble, even crisis, without becoming jaded. His 18 engaging stories, while fictional, provide a template covering the most common legal, behavioral, and relational problems in today’s personal and family environment.

Over time, I became fascinated with his book concept: mixing fictional but common short stories of woe with practical solutions addressing modern families’ challenges. As we engaged, both my husband and I fell in love with Neil and his work, so we even offered (and Neil accepted) to launch his book under our small publishing imprint.

As a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner serving life-coaching clients, I was immediately drawn to the depth of knowledge, sincerity, and down-to-earth approach in Hope Lines. Neil even shared an introductory personal story of dealing with his own “demons.”

Each of the 18 dramas ends with sections on reflection, application, and a resource toolbox. Other content includes five calls for new hope and faith, a biblical citation, and a couple of samples of “addiction recovery poetry” from his first book, Alcoholprism.

In a world increasingly filled with confusion and strife, Neil’s quarter-century as a legal professional, combined with his own successful recovery from alcohol addiction, and a lifetime Christian/spiritual perspective, makes Neil uniquely qualified to write this resource. Inside Hope Lines, he offers HOPE and throws you and yours LINES of rescue to your current (or future) situation.

I highly recommend Neil Presley Cox’s book, Hope Lines.  Not just because it is a good book (and a good resource) but because Neil is the real deal!

Get your copy of Hope Lines.


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