How to Find and Live in Peace

The recent actions of the Supreme Court have left many of us numb and a bit in shock. To be honest, the government is meant to serve the people, but it seems to be out of sync with the will of the people. How can we find and live in peace with all the conflict and confusion?

Finding peace is an issue I have been pondering for a while now. After all, I am a licensed prayer practitioner and should be able to pray myself into peace. Sometimes, it is not that easy. Then I read an article in a Unity booklet called Courage to Imagine.

“I Am Peace” by Toni Cardarella, lists the following pointers on how to find and live in peace:

  • Pray: ” Find your inner Spirit of harmony with prayer.” Express your value of peace through words of prayer.
  • Pause:  “Take a few moments each day to pause.” Express gratitude
  • Radiate:  “Let peace radiate in your easygoing tone with others.” Express peace in your facial expressions and actions
  • Meditate:  “Visualize your peaceful heart as you let go of all that surrounds you.” Express tranquility in the quietness of your meditation
  • Movement:  “Awaken your peace by moving around in the spaces you occupy and enjoy.” Express peace in a walk, dance, or yoga
  • Give:  “A helping hand, emotional support, or just your sense of optimism.” Express love and kindness to others
  • Affirmations:  “Affirm the power of peace.” Express the peace of Spirit with affirmations proclaiming I AM
  • Music:  “Whether listening to or creating it, music can open your heart to peace.” Express your peace with instruments, singing, or letting music soothe your soul.

Sometimes, when I am stressed, I forget these pointers. I lost count of how often my husband has reminded me to use my spiritual practices when I am depressed or out of sync. (Of course, I resist the urge to throttle him when he says that because I know he is right!)

Once when I was challenged to find peace, a friend suggested I do the following breathing exercise and practice the following:

Breath in the present moment
Breath out a wonderful moment

Conscious breathing helps center me when I forget my spiritual practices. Then I can go back and remember the points above.

Try it to see if it works for you.

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