Hungry Souls Manifestation Treatment Sessions

Often we get stuck in life circumstances and need extra help to uncover what is blocking us.  Maybe you cannot find Spirit working and moving through the situations in your life.  Or maybe, you need another perspective from someone who sees you as the perfect, whole and complete person you really are.

As a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner (RScP) with the Centers for Spiritual Living,  I can guide you through the maze of confusion and misinformation to arrive at the goals you wish to manifest in your life by using an 8-step method called the Hungry Souls Manifestation Treatment Formula.

What is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner?

A person of high spiritual consciousness and deep understanding, trained in the art, the science, and the skill of Spiritual Mind Treatment:  Hungry Soul’s Manifestation Treatment.

When you call on a practitioner, know that you are in contact with someone who had devoted time and effort to learn how to offer an effective affirmative prayer for others.

A practitioner also knows how to offer you compassionate support and a new perspective on the challenges of life.

A practitioner is a master at using the Spiritual Laws of this Universe to reveal our own innate wholeness.

Moreover, a practitioner is licensed to practice professionally, is bound by a high code of ethics to respect your confidence, and is dedicated to the cause of helping others.

When we treat, We do not wish, we know.
We do not dream, we state.
We do not hope, we accept.
We do not pray, We announce.

You can schedule personal 1-on-1 sessions to discover and remove the blockages in order to grow deeper spiritual lives.  

Here is what some have said about our 1-on-1 sessions:

Sandy sat with me and allowed me to speak from the heart without judgment or her perceived direction.  She allowed me to be open and honest, while at the same time guided me with questions that really dug deep into my issues.  As a fellow Business Coach, I was amazed at how she was able to dig deeper than I could myself.  Her questions definitely led me down a path to self-discovery.

Through this incredible process I was able to pinpoint my main obstacles and now have the tools with which to work on them.  My abundance issues feel as if they have nearly vanished and the fear of lack is no longer at the forefront of my mind.  This was with a single session!

Wendy Kause, Business Owner and Coach


“After spending time with Sandy, I became clearer as I began trusting the universe/spirit even more. Sandy’s prayer is always so heartfelt and affirming. Your thoughts on taking a chance to move is true to what you desire… and if you uplift it for spirit/universe to hear… things will begin to clearly lay before you if you just trust the process.

I look forward to more sessions in the future with such a wonderful being that is full of passion in assisting our relationship and growth with spirit/universe.”

~ James Jensen-Grace, Entrepreneur and Marketer


Sandy is a gentle, loving, insightful Practitioner. When I had a session with her I was struggling with an issue I didn’t know how to handle. Sandy asked me some questions that enabled me to see clearly what was mine to do.  She then prayed with me & I was peaceful when our session was over. I highly recommend Sandy as a Practitioner. 

~ Sally Foster, Retired


For the record, I experienced a very ‘positive’ spiritual mind treatment with Sandy Dell.  Pain and Discomfort from old injuries were really an issue, to the point of using a cane for walking!  Her treatment helped the situation completely right itself and I returned to good health.

Chuck Irvine, Retired

Currently, I am offering a 45-minute one-on-one session for the special price of $50 (regularly $100).  


NOTE:  Sessions are typically conducted via Zoom.  If you are not familiar with Zoom, check out the instructions here:  FAQ on Zoom. But if you would rather meet by phone, just let me know!

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