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SPOILER ALERT:  SELF CONFESSION FOLLOWING. Sometimes, I forget who I am in Spirit. Unfortunately, this is what happened recently. The worst part was I forgot about looking inside myself for answers and directions.

And this is not the first time I have drifted into trouble. I wrote an article titled Remember Who We Are a few years ago. I should have re-read it!

It all started when I began getting ill from the extreme heat we were experiencing. Thankfully, we have air conditioning units in our home, but the air con had gone out in the car. Even the hour’s drive to our kids and grandkids exhausted me.Looking Inside

From there, I seemed to go downhill. Little things started to bother me. I got caught up in the negativity in my neighborhood and our country. Both my cell phone and my computer were causing me problems. As a result of everything I felt, I made mistakes in my work. Of course, this also affected my health. My joy and my well-being was going out the window. I felt almost as though I was drowning.

I still engaged in my spiritual practices, expressed gratitude, and read uplifting articles. My prayer life was active, but still, I was not finding relief.

It wasn’t until I talked with my husband (thinking something he was doing was adding to my discomfort!) that I started to understand. He made me see I was looking outside myself, finding pain and offenses in everything else to focus on. He made me realize I was not looking inside — to the place where Spirit resides within me — for answers.

Then, I admitted to him and myself that I had forgotten to look inside myself for peace.

I began turning things around by proclaiming I was Peace and Love. “I am submerged in peace, I am surrounded by peace, I am immersed in peace, there is nothing but peace. Peace — deep, calm and undisturbed” ~ Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called You.

My outward world started to improve when I began actively changing my thinking. Suddenly, the things people were saying quit upsetting me. I could move through life feeling less encumbered with the world’s cares.

I noticed another revelation: People sounded more loving and accepting when I talked to them. I am not sure they changed, but most likely, I did. Since I chose to focus on the negativity around me, Spirit said YES and brought me the negativity I attracted. It is like when looking for a new car: We suddenly see the car we are considering buying on the road everywhere. Likewise, I had focused on the wrong thoughts, which started appearing everywhere in my life.

Maybe next time I start down a negative path, I will remember this week of looking inside myself to find Spirit and Peace.

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