Looking Up and Soaking in Spirit

I learned an interesting perspective when experimenting with looking up and soaking in Spirit for dealing with blockages and issues in our lives.

Let me explain:Looking Up and Soaking in Spirit

As part of a class experiment, we were asked to think about a condition we wished to change. Then, we followed the steps, keeping our eyes open, outlined below:

  • Look down and notice how we felt about the condition
  • Look straight ahead and, once again, notice how we felt
  • Look up (about 45 degrees) and see if there is a change

Interestingly, most (including myself) felt hopeless about our issue when we looked down. The posture increased our depression levels and made it hard to feel any encouragement.

Looking straight ahead decreased the hopelessness but did not feel too much different.

But, on the other hand, looking up changed our whole perspective. A lot of the hopelessness and depression vanished.

The instructor suggested  we continue to look up and soak in Spirit rather than ruminating about our issue (she called it ‘scrubbing’). It reminded me of meditation with our eyes lifted upward. But it increased our confidence, mood, and outlook on our situation.

I found the exercise to be phenomenal in changing my thought about any negative aspect of my life. Actually, the more I looked up and ‘soaked’ in Spirit, the more blessed I felt.

Coming from a family of high achievers (most of my siblings have highly demanding jobs), I am in a nearly constant state of thinking about this and that and what tasks I need to complete. Meditation is a challenge to me because my mind is always racing! I find it difficult to sit and enjoy the stillness. My best moments of meditative times are while I am walking along the river. Obviously, I need to move my body to obtain a restful mental state.

Having been introduced to this “Looking Up” method, I may be able to meditate more easily and peacefully. And I can enjoy soaking in Spirit.

When you get a chance, I suggest you try the short experiment yourself. I would love to hear about how it felt and if it changed your perspective.


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