Manifesting Your Dreams

Manifesting your dreams and goals may seem like a lofty thought. You can find many spiritual gurus promising the secret formula for manifesting your dreams. (Actually, even I have a free email course on this subject:  Manifesting Peace and Fulfillment!)

Even though this sounds unbelievable, there is truth to many of the principles.

After the wildfire that took our home and belongings, we managed to manifest a new home, furniture, food, and money to help us get back on our feet.  But after getting settled, we still had to find a way to manifest the income we had lost.  The goodness of friends and family helped us with our priorities, but we were on our own to create an income.

I got together with my prayer partner to determine what I wanted to do to generate an income.  I did some soul searching, my prayer partner used someManifesting Your Dreams discernment, and we prayed together for a perfectly aligned outcome.  Over the next few months, I saw Spirit move in my situation by lining up the opportunities we had prayed about.

Coincident?  I think not!  We joined together in the belief that I could create my perfect money-generating activity!

In the August issue of Science of Mind Magazine, I read an article about this subject:  How to Manifest Your Dreams by Mark Waldman and Andrew Newberg.

This is how the process is described:

First, set a realistic goal, on you know you can achieve. Then, write out a game plan — a step-by-step strategy with specific completion dates, giving yourself plenty of rewards along the way.

Now, all that is good, but the steps that helped me manifest my dreams are as follows:

… each morning before you begin working on your goals, meditate on your unlimited willpower.  Visualize your inner strength and use that feeling to stamp out any worrison thoughts or feeling.  Remember, is you don’t fully believe in yourself then the negative attitude will unconsciously strain your brain.

The article concludes by reminding us that the most successful people have a “relentless, unfailing belief in their unlimited power to succeed.”

The process is not overly complicated.  It just takes insight, dedication, and practice.

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