More Power of Prayer

When I was in Practitioner Studies, we were taught that prayer is directed to the person we are praying for. But frequently, seekers are looking for the power of prayer to touch their loved ones, which is requesting prayer for another. So how, exactly, does this work?

First, prayer affects the person you are praying with most. Since we are all one in Spirit, the rippling effects of prayer can go beyond the people praying.

Second, to be ethically sensitive, we don’t know if the third party is open to being prayed for.

So how does it work when we pray together for a different person who is not praying with us?

Prayer for my grandson, Dante

(Note:  To understand the background of this situation, you may want to read my previous blog post: The Power of Prayer)More Power of Prayer

My 9-year-old grandson developed pneumonia and spent the night in a local hospital. I had many ministers and practitioners praying for his recovery. But after he was released from the hospital, something changed. Despite following all the doctor’s instructions and looking like he was recovering, he was actually getting worse and ended up in the regional hospital in Spokane, Washington.

Once again, I made the round asking for prayer for Dante. All of us involved were alarmed at the situation. Personally, I was beginning to judge the doctors at the previous two hospitals where he had been previously treated, wondering how this all happened.

At this point, I needed to concentrate on what was mine to do. I could not cure Dante — that was up to the doctors, but I could correct my attitude.

I stopped judging the doctors and began to counsel my daughter through her anguish, doubts about parenting, and fears surrounding her son. Thankfully, Dante’s father stepped in and stayed with Dante, as he was too far away for my daughter to visit as she was also sick.

So I prayed for the situation. I slowly started to feel a calmness surrounding my fears and judgment. I was able to comfort my daughter and counteract the destructive thoughts going through her mind.

Again, slowly, I could hear the calmness return to my daughter as well. She was able to make it to the doctor for herself and get treatment for her health issues.

The Final Results

Dante is finally recovering. Initially, he was scheduled to be hospitalized for at least 10 days but was there just over a week. He is resting comfortably at his dad’s as he finishes his recovery. And my daughter is doing better too.

Honestly, I don’t know how the prayers worked for my grandson! I am sure they helped. But I see the calmness I experienced as what was mine to do, and the prayers helped me. The ripple effect extended to my daughter and her son. So, I believe that is how it works when praying for a third party.

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