Our Creative Adventure

For most of my life, I felt I was not creative. Yet, as I got older, I not only decided I was creative, but I began my own creative adventure.

My mistake was believing that I was not creative because I was not an artist, singer, or musician. I realized that I was creative even if I was not artistic.

We create every day!Our Creative Adventure

Have you ever looked at your life to look for all the ways you create?

I started exploring my past and realized I was creative when I engaged in the following:

  • Sewing my clothes and my babies clothes
  • Designing and making earrings
  • Writing stories and newsletters (something I still do today)

But even more important, I realized I was on a creative adventure every day when I really looked at my life. This process started my adventure, shaping the kind of person I am today.

Now, this is just how I am (and was) creative in the world. Your list may be very different.

Keeping track of your Creative Adventure

An excellent way to keep track of your creative adventure is to spend time in quiet solitude and reflect on the things you most enjoy. When I was younger, I loved to write. So, over the years, I began practicing and improving on this skill.

Your quest to find what you enjoy most starts developing the beginning of your creative adventure.

Once you begin the process, I suggest you journal or create a vision board of what you find about yourself. Start by listing your greatest loves and talents.

Add your most remarkable experiences, favorite travels, and fantastic adventures. Fill your journal with pictures or magazine clippings. Or, if you are good with a camera, include pictures you took.

Or, if you like to read, create a journal of book quotes you want to remember.

Of course, because we are in the digital age, you can keep your journal on your computer. Either way, you are developing a record of your creative adventures by bringing your attention to how you express creativity in life.

After creating your list or board, think or envision how you would like to expand on any areas that speak out to you.

This exercise is just the beginning of expressing who you really are.

Feel free to share with me what you found. I would love to encourage you as you move through your creative adventure!



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