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While enrolled in CSL Practitioner Studies, I was encouraged to work with prayer partners. Since there was an even number in the class, we coupled up with one person and met regularly for mutual prayer.

Unfortunately, I am no longer working with the same prayer partner. But I have had a few prayer partners with the many classes and programs I have taken over the years. Despite the changes, I still have at least one person I pray with monthly or weekly.

Although I initially felt this was a tedious practice, praying with and for someone has impacted my life in a very positive way. For one, I have a spiritualPrayer Partners person helping me through some of the rough spots in my life. I can talk to someone who may have a different view. And I have someone who can stand in agreement with me over a spiritual quality I would like to have or continue to have in my life.

Spirit speaks to us in many different ways. When I listen, I can hear shared words of wisdom from others. With a prayer partner, this is an even stronger message from Spirit. And it is interesting how this focused prayer can apply to both people in the prayer partner relationship.

Last week, my prayer partner and I were trying to find a God/Spiritual quality to increase in our lives. We were both going through a time of uncertainty about a particular situation. Not the same problem, but one area of our lives. One of us (I don’t remember which) decided that clarity was the quality we wanted to invite into the prayer time. Without hesitation, the other joined in and said yes to the same prayer.

This may sound like a coincidence, but I find this happens often enough. Spirit often speaks the same to us during our sessions when we pray together.

The following day, there was a daily post in the March Science of Mind magazine that spoke to our joint prayer:

To reveal clarity out of confusion often requires humility. We might need to release our attachment to form or outcome. We might need to shift our perspective or even let a dream die a peaceful death.

But then something amazing will happen. We will find some treasure hidden in the mess of it all. Some important healing will occur in our belief system, or we will find freedom from a troubling pattern that has been with us for decades. Gold will be revealed among the ashes. You see, everything is working together for your good — uniquely and perfectly for your soul’s evolution.

“Show me what’s here.” The gold will be revealed if you are willing to find it. (emphasis is mine)

I immediately saw the correlation between our prayer and the passage. And so did my prayer partner when she texted me

Our prayers yesterday—-and the reading in today’s SOM magazine…wow. “Show me what’s here” I love this!

As I said, Spirit can speak to us in interesting ways!

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