Purpose and Passion

Earlier this week, I joined a newly formed Women’s group to discuss purpose and passion. Each person had a different perspective, but most admitted that they weren’t sure what their purpose was.

Honestly, I never really thought much about purpose or even passion. I did what I needed to do to raise my four children and make a life for us. It wasn’t until much later when I was an empty-nester, that I put much thought into the subject.

So, what is our purpose in life?

For me, I believe that as being One with Spirit, my main purpose is to manifest as Spirit. To do that, I do my best to reflect love, peace, compassion, forgiveness, and more (I discussed this in my previous article, In the Flow). There are too many people who do not know that we are each manifestations of Spirit. Thus, they don’t look at themselves or life as expressing Spirit as their purpose. I want my life to reflect Spirit.

There were a few other gals who voiced something similar. But I was intrigued by the gal who told us her purpose was to teach. Of course, she has spent adult years teaching others in school and other interesting classes.

Having numerous different occupations in many various industries, I could not imagine dedicating my work life to one single purpose.

Which brings me to passion

Over my many years, I have expressed many different passions—some of my earliest involved teaching, including teaching swimming in my teens. I also spent years in dance classes and have continued them (also as a teacher) as an adult. I also worked with developmentally disabled adults and children. When I became self-employed, I started my own sales rep business, which morphed into coaching and consulting those wanting to move into wholesaling. More recently, I am a virtual assistant, marketing assistant, and teaching assistant. All of these endeavors were embraced with passion. If I lost my passion for a particular field, I changed what I was doing. Of course, many different passions created many different experiences.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but passion is always the emotion that has driven me, even during times when I was most passionate about making money. Yes, I admit that this was one of my passions!

Life is dull and meaningless without passion. Passion gets me up in the morning to work. It drives me to finish a specific project or task and allows me to help other people. Life would be empty without passion!

Living without knowing your purpose is okay. But living without passion is wasting a life and purpose for living.


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