Remember Who We Are

Life has its moments where we do not remember who we are.  Living gets complicated and messing, and suddenly, we feel out of control and react out of fear, confusion, and pain.  Can you relate?

I spent way too long in a relationship, not remembering who I am.Remember Who We Are

In this relationship, I was constantly belittled.  Whatever I did was not good enough, and I was frequently told I was stupid, incompetent, and even mentally unbalanced.  The pain I lived in was unbearable at times.  I often thought about taking my own life.  But I had four little children who still needed me, and I tried to stay strong for them.

Finally, when my oldest two became teenagers and left home way too early — to get away from the toxic environment — I knew I needed to make a change.  If for no other reason, I knew I had to protect my youngest two kids.

It wasn’t until after I left, divorced, and started a new life that I slowly started to remember who I am.  I eventually met a man who treated me with love and respect and introduced me to New Thought principles.

Through my healing, I began to remember who I really am, and it is not stupid, incompetent, nor all the other things I was told.

I, as well as you, are a perfect manifestation of Spirit walking in human flesh.

As a perfect manifestation of Spirit, I am love, peace, contentment, wise, compassionate — among other characteristics of Spirit.  It was not enough for me to stop believing the negative thoughts about myself. Still, I need to remember who I really am as one with Spirit.

So what helped me in this process? I started my day with spiritual reading and meditation as my daily spiritual practices.  I also learned a very effective way to pray that recognized who I really was in Spirit.

Do you need help remembering who YOU are?  Are you interested in expanding your spiritual toolbox with a method to pray effectively?

If so, please sign up for my free mini-course and start remembering who you are in Spirit.

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