Return to Love Prayer

Being overwhelmed by the senseless violence in our country and world, I work through my feelings to find a way to return to love.

I know that we need to return to loving one another, looking out for each other, and stop the madness within us first.  The only way I know to do this is to place love first.

This morning I read a beautiful prayer by Rev. Patricia Campbell, Spiritual Director at Calgary Centre For Spiritual Living.  With her permission, I would like toReturn to Love Prayer share it here:

The impulse of the Universe is Love

Beneath all the fear, anger, confusion, blaming, and sadness…one thing remains – Love. The impulse of the Universe is Love. Even in the face of aberrant behavior, there is still only Love. Anything unlike Love may look and feel real, but it is the illusion of the lack of Love. Because Love (with a capital L) is all there is. It is not absent. It may appear to be hidden, obscured, or in the shadows – but it is still present.

I align myself with Love, even during this time. Especially during this time. I remind myself of this truth by looking for, and finding, evidence of Love in all aspects of my life. I turn to nature to remind myself that Love is present at all times, even these. Therefore, I look for ways that I can express and give my love to others. Because I know that as I live and express my love, I am adding to the healing of the world.

As I feel the very human emotions of anger, fear, confusion, or blame, I acknowledge them and ask, “what is mine to do.” Then, I choose to focus on what I can do in my world, and then do it. By doing so, I choose to be part of the healing, by making Love welcome.

I include in this healing work the children and teachers whose lives were cut tragically short by this incident. Although it does not make sense to us — we trust and know that Divine Right Action is present. I include the families, friends, and loved ones of all who have been affected. Love prevails. Love prevails. Love prevails

With deep gratitude and Love welling up through me, I release these words to the Law, knowing that every word spoken is True. And so it is.

Please join me in returning to love.

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