Setting Intentions to Create Spiritual Energy

“Energy flows where attention goes” is one of my favorite quotes to describe the process of setting intentions for the year. Now, notice, I did not say creating goals or resolutions! But instead, I suggest setting intentions to create spiritual energy to move you forward in life. Let me explain!

The New Year has begun, and you are excited about moving ahead with plans, habits, and resolutions. Setting goals and making resolutions is a time-held tradition for most people. Most of us have goals we wish to reach in 2022, whether physical, intellectual, or spiritual.

But, why, if you are so excited about moving ahead with your dreams and plans, do most resolutions and goals fail by mid-February?

  • They’re unspecific, worded too negatively, or not relevant enoughSetting Intentions to Create Spiritual Energy
  • They’re unrealistic, so many people don’t follow through
  • They’re based on wishful thinking and willpower, not systems

Next thing you know, you start feeling overwhelmed and discouraged and abandon your aspirations!

Actually, the failure is not you — the problem is in the system behind the tradition itself.

Instead of making resolutions or goals, how about setting intentions?

Intentions are a mental state representing a commitment involving mental activities such as planning and forethought. Unlike goals or resolutions that happen in the future, intentions focus on the present, which raises your emotional energy to create a perfect life for you.

Over the years of studying personal development gurus, coaches, and spiritual leaders, I have developed a systematic approach to setting intentions that are successful.

Within each of us is the inner wisdom to developing realistic intentions. With the process, we can ….

  • Access this inner wisdom to reveal the direction to go
  • Define our real needs based on our strengths and desires
  • Set some attainable written intentions and goals to follow throughout the year
  • Create a concise workable system

So, how do you develop realistic intentions for yourself? I have developed a hands-on workbook that will guide you through the process.

Although I created this particular workbook, I base it on proven results from gurus who have also developed their own successful systems.

If you want to actively participate in setting intentions to create spiritual energy, click here to receive your free 20-page workbook.


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