Spiritual Practices: Sacred Spiritual Study

It is widely accepted when you finish your official schooling (high school or college), you are done studying!  But studying and accumulating knowledge never ends — especially sacred spiritual study where you study to improve yourself and your inner life.

Although I was never one of the ‘brainy kids’ in school, I read lots of the classics, historical novels, and self-help books.  When I joined the Spiritual Practices: Sacred Spiritual StudyChristian movement, I read the Bible every day…. for 25 years!  I became so well-read in the scriptures, I could often quote verses better than many ministers.  Still seeking more, I was attracted to the New Thought movement, especially Centers for Spiritual Living, because of their emphasis on deeper learning and study through classes.

New Thought classes taught me when I could change my thinking, I could change my life.  As much as I learned by reading the Bible, I could not seem to integrate the principles shared in its words to help improve my life.

My grandmother once told me, before she died, that older people become senile when they decide to stop learning.  I’ve remembered her words for 40 years, and think she is right.  Should I, in my late 60s, decide I learned enough in life? I have little doubt my mind would no longer be open to the great truths of life.

So what does this have to do with sacred study? Sacred spiritual study is an opportunity to create time to allow yourself (your mind) to be stretched; it gives us the opportunity for greater growth; it deepens consciousness as it slowly changes us from within.

Ways to continue your sacred spiritual study:

  • Subscribe to a spiritual magazine such as Science of Mind or Unity magazine
  • Read books by New Thought teachers (I reference many in my articles)
  • Ask yourself, after reading an inspiring book or article, what this means for you and how you can apply it to your life
  • Share and discuss what you read with other like-minded folks
  • Attend Spiritual Classes — online or at your local New Thought Center

Sacred spiritual study brings up and teaches you things about yourself that may not even know

With study, you can learn what is holding you back, discover how to change your thinking, and align yourself with your Source of Oneness.

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