Steps to Create Effective Visualization

Visualization (directing your imagination) is a powerful tool in creating your goals and desires.  Couple visualization with positive affirmative prayer increases your ability to manifest the things you want in life.  But how do you create effective visualization?

Shakti Gawain outlines steps to create this process in her book:  Creative VisualizationSteps to Create Effective Visualization

  1. Set Your Goals
    Your goal can including anything related to your job or work, relationship, or health.  Or maybe you are just looking for a change in yourself, such as developing some good habits.  If you are new to visualization, I suggest you start with an easy goal to believe in.
  2. Create a Clear Idea of Picture of Your Goal
    Your mental picture can be in the form of an idea or feeling.  Picture your goal exactly as you want it and in the present tense.  Now imagine yourself enjoying the situation.  Create as many details as possible.
  3. Focus on It Often
    Although I recommend you start your visualization as part of your meditation or prayer practice, you can focus on your mental picture anytime throughout your day.  Focus on it clearly, but do not try to force it.
  4. Give It Positive Energy
    Think about your mental picture of your goals in a positive manner.  Create strong positive affirmations related to your visualization.  See yourself receiving and experiencing it.

Continue to work the process until you achieve your goal or discover that you wish to move in a new direction.  Being flexible is important as Spirit may gently lead you into a better or more precise goal.  Once your goal has been reached remember to acknowledge and celebrate it.  Saying a prayer of thanksgiving and gratitude is a good practice to keep your mind open to creating more effective visualization.

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