Taking Life for Granted

Are you taking life for granted?

Most of us don’t really realize how good we have it — thus we take what we have for granted!

According to the World Bank website, “689 million people (are) living on less than $1.90 a day. At higher poverty lines, 24.1 percent of the world lived on less than $3.20 a day and 43.6 percent on less than $5.50 a day in 2017.”

But how many of us reading this article are struggling to fulfill basic needs such as food?  I’ll bet very few if any!!

How you ever thought about how fortunate you (we) really are?Taking Life for Granted

This has been on my mind a lot since our home burned down on Labor Day.

The rental we lived in was an older 80-year farmstead located on a hillside in rural northwest Idaho.  We did not have a fancy house, pristine furnishing, or a large bank account.  But I am sure we were living way above standard poverty levels!

But, too often, I thought about how our old house let in too much cold air in the winter times.  Complained that our refrigerator was too small (design of the house only allowed a small fridge!).  Wished we had nicer lawn chairs …

All things those things seem unimportant now since everything is gone.

I took my life for granted — spending too much time wishing things were different rather than fully enjoying what I did have.

Do you ever get into a mindset where you spend too much time thinking about what is wrong in your life rather than looking at the goodness you have and experience in life?

My husband, Malcolm, always reminded me we had a good life:  Living out in the country where deer, turkey, rabbits and birds were abundant in and around the yard.  Life was pretty simple and enjoyable for us.

But then, in the span of a few hours, it was all gone.

And now, I would give anything to sit in that rickety old lawn chair, prop my feet up with another plastic chair where my kitty, Joey, would sit and enjoy the sun with me.

I was taking my life for granted never imagining I would lose it all.

So now we start again!  I doubt I will take life for granted as much as I did before the fire.

And, I cannot end this article without expressing my appreciation for all the people who have been there for us during these days — sharing love and support.  It does make times like this a bit easier!


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