‘The Path to Wealth’ Daily Practice — Step One

One of my favorite books and favorite spiritual practices is from May McCarthy’s book:  The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance

Personally, meeting May many years ago, reading her books and attending her talks and workshops impacted my life in a deep and wonderful way. Throughout the years,  I continue to read and participate in any and all her programs and workshops whenever I can.

NOTE:  Currently, May hosts a program on Unity Radio called Abundance, Inc. on Thursday at noon Pacific time.

Following is the first step in her daily practice from her first book:  The Path to Wealth

Read Something Inspirational. The first agenda item is to read The Path to Wealthsomething that inspires you. Ideally, this material will strengthen your conviction that the all-knowing universal power is active and available for your benefit. During this part of the meeting, you’ll begin to change your mind-set to one of infinite possibilities with the CSO as your partner.
— May McCarthy

May McCarthy is a successful businesswoman who uses spiritual principles every day to help her create her personal business success.

With the next few articles, I am going to share her formulate for her “CSO (Chief Spiritual Officer) daily meetings — building your path to wealth!

Disclaimer: This is not a religious practice, but rather a spiritual practice that anyone from any background can use for their personal business success.

Now, to follow her first step:  Find something inspirational to read. You can choose just about anything: a book of poems, a treasure of inspirational quotes, a daily devotional, the Bible or any inspirational book. May uses ‘The Game of Life and How to Play It’ by Florence Scovel Shinn.

Personally, I start this practice first thing in the morning by reading the daily devotion in Science of Mind magazine along with a few short articles from Unity Magazine.

What book or magazine you read every morning does not matter as long as it inspires you!

Watch over the next weeks for more of May’s steps from The Path to Wealth book!

*The Path to Wealth, Step Two
*The Path to Wealth, Final Steps

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