A Foundation for Miracles

Months ago, I read an interesting article I received as part of the daily Divine Science Daily Study email.  I’ve been saving the article to share at a time when looking for the foundation for miracles was pertinent to our current situation.

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, I felt now is the time to share and bring forth our ability to create miracles.


The word miracle derives from the Greek word meaning “a mighty work.” The same Greek word is the root of dynamite. So a miracle A Foundation for Miraclesis simply a mighty, powerful work, or happening, that takes place when we are fully in tune with, receptive to, and cooperative with the One Power and Presence we call God.

To build a foundation for miracles, do five things:

First: Know the truth about yourself. Feel and see yourself as a whole and happy expression of God, the One Mind and Life.

Second: Gain the sense and conviction of the constant presence of God as expressed in perfect Knowledge, Wisdom, Strength, Power, Love and Guidance. Each day take time to be still and receptive to God’s guidance. Then follow it.

Third:  Give of yourself to others as you are guided by the spirit of God. Give of your presence, you money, your time, your wisdom and understanding of Truth. The more you give, the more Good flows to and through you.

Fourth: Build a consciousness of expectancy of Good for yourself, without defining the shape and character of these great things, yet knowing there is no limit to what can unfold.

Finally: Work toward the goal of always having God in your thoughts; use meditation, affirmations, and other tools to fill your awareness with the spirit of God, opening the way for all the Good that is yours.

~ Adapted from an essay by Roger L. Hupp, former minister, Divine Science Church, Pueblo, CO

Look now, within yourself, to the deep place where Spirit resides in each one of us and together, let’s bring forth more miracles — starting with protection, common sense and trust in Spirit during the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

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