Happy Thanksgiving

This is a busy week preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner, setting up for company, and everything that goes with Thanksgiving. So today, I am going to list a few quotes from various sources to share a Happy Thanksgiving: “I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual.” — Henry David Thoreau (shared… More Happy Thanksgiving

Season for Nonviolence

January 30th kicks off the Season for Nonviolence. Established in 1998, 2023 is the 26th year the Season has been commemorated. The Season for Nonviolence was initially developed by Dr. Michael Beckwith and Dr. Mary Morrissey of the Association for Global New Thought and The Parliament of The World’s Religions. According to the Association for Global New Thought (AGNT): January 30,… More Season for Nonviolence

A Christmas Miracle

My holiday season was different this year. There were many stumbling blocks, stressors, and confusion, but I experienced a small Christmas Miracle in the end! Nothing this season seemed to go the way I wanted. Thanksgiving didn’t go as planned, and we spent it alone, trying to cope with the stress it created. Then a… More A Christmas Miracle

Winter Holidays and Traditions

December is a month full of many different celebrations. Growing up, my family and friends celebrate Christmas, commemorating the birth of Jesus.  We also incorporated the practices of decorating trees and visits from Santa Claus. Other countries and religions commemorate other celebrations and holidays.  Here are some of the unique winter holidays and traditions: Rohatsu,… More Winter Holidays and Traditions

Special Easter Message

With Easter on Sunday, I want to share some special thoughts and quotes about how Easter and the Resurrection are expressed from a New Thought perspective. “Every time we rise to the realization of eternal, indwelling life, making union with the (God)-Mind, the resurrection of Jesus takes place within us. All thoughts of limitation and… More Special Easter Message

Christmas Memories

Christmas memories are different now that my kids are all grown and out on their own. We put up a fancy live tree during their growing up years. We had dozens of ornaments and decorations for the house.  The kids loved helping with the tree and arranging the nativity scene.  But we never did the… More Christmas Memories