Crucifixion Before Resurrection

Crucifixion Before Resurrection
Taken from Science of Mind Magazine

From a metaphysical standpoint, the Easter story is a message of rebirth. Many of us can relate to times when something “died” in our lives. Some of our darkest periods have called us to be “reborn” into a new way of being.

My friend Amy told me the story of how she had a less-than-perfect childhood, andCrucifixion Before Resurrection by the time she was 19, she was contemplating suicide. There seemed to be no other alternative for her. One day she was walking down the street, and a mugger approached her and pushed her down to the sidewalk, demanding her money. After she gave him the money, he started beating her. From deep within her, to her surprise, a sound came out of her mouth: “No!”

Her attacker stopped beating her and then ran away. Amy says that later she realized that the attacker had actually given her a gift that day: He made her choose between life and death. A difficult circumstance became a gift when she chose life after she was considering ending it.

Before we can have a resurrection in our life, it is almost always preceded by a crucifixion — a situation that is uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. When we are in the midst of this trial, it is hard to imagine that there is something greater happening within us and for us. Yet this is the moment we must hold fast to the idea that our breakdown is simply the vehicle for our breakthrough. Our resurrection is imminent.


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