Expanded Translation of Prayer

As a Catholic, I learned the Lord’s Prayer as a child.  I recently discovered this expanded translation of Prayer, from Jesus, with a more meaningful message for us today.

This important prayer has been part of Christian teaching for centuries.  Having been translated and rewritten numerous times over the years, who knows how much of it was actually the true and accurate words of Jesus?

The following translation is from the Noohra Foundation.  It presents direct modern English translations of ancient Aramaic biblical texts with their rich, sociological Semitic customs and traditions.

Read through this translation to see if it resonates with you.


Our Father who is everywhere
Your name is sacred.
Your kingdom is come.
Your will is throughout the earth
even as it is throughout the universe.
You give us our needful bread from day to day,
And you forgive us our offenses
even as we forgive our offenders.
and you let us not enter into materialism.
But you separate us from error.
Because yours are the kingdom, the power and the song and praise.
From all ages, throughout all ages.
(Sealed) in faith, trust and truth.

Dr. Rocco A. Errico ~ Smyrna GA
Biblical scholar and author
founder of Noohra Foundation

According to Dr. Rocco A. Errico, his simple and direct prayer shared by Jesus, contains the essence of his teaching. What a wonderful gift we’ve been given in this simple prayer. It is a capsule summary of the message he taught during his ministry.

The Lord’s Prayer is meant to be a pattern for prayer. Not necessarily a group of meaningless words to be recited over and over.  The prayer is more effective when used as a suggestion or template so that when one prays it should contain the same ideas that Jesus presented to his disciples.

Studying this prayer gives a whole new meaning to what and how we can pray.  I especially like the phrase, “Your kingdom is come.”  This is not a futurist thought that we need to wait for in the afterworld.  This is a present-tense promise — as is most of this translation. The prayer shares a comforting realization of spiritual life in the moment.  It does not plead or beg; it reflects the present.

It has been many years since I have recited the Lord’s Prayer.  But this version of it speaks to my heart in a way the Catholic version never really did.

Learn more about Dr. Rocco’s version of prayer and translations of important bible passages.

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