Going Back to the Good Old Days

With all that is going on in the world, some seem to think going back to the good old days would solve our problems.  But is that really a viable solution?

I grew up in the 60s during another time of division and radical thinking.  This era was known for its race riots, anti-war protests, and massive student unrest.  It was also a time of unbridled waste and pollution. Is that the good old times we want to go back to?

During my growing up years, I also discovered groups of people working behind the scenes to make fundamental changes in our lives.  My father worked as an engineer at Lockheed (Sunnyvale, California).  Although I knew very little about the work he did, he did tell me that he was working on projects that made space travel possible.  He explained that the transistor radio I was listening to was developed by the technology used in space travel.

I also remember a couple of classmates getting together in their dad’s garage working on some technology that I certainly would not have understood at the time.  Later on, they launched their company called Apple Computer.

And, of course, the move to liberate women and minorities made it possible for these folks to start living better lives.

If that is what going back to the good old days is all about, then I am all for it.

But I read that newer innovations, such as electric cars, are being blocked and discouraged.  Why? Because it is new technology (or at least many think so) and the average person does not understand how it will work.  Heck, I am glad that Steve Jobs did not listen to that kind of resistance when developing Apple!

What does this have to do with spirituality?

Each person on earth is created for one primary purpose:  To manifest Spirit by embracing their role as co-creator of their lives, which means that each one of us has a gift to share with the world.  And when we share these gifts, we become a progressive, ever-changing society — working to make things better for all.

Our purpose is to allow the creative flow of Spirit to work in our life. Our destiny is to create and invent things that make life better, easier, and more beautiful. How can we accomplish those goals if we are looking backward?

In the words of Rev. David Robinson, CSLO minister: “If we want something new, we must release the old that no longer serves us, even if it’s so familiar and comfortable.”

I want to move forward.  If that means I move out of my comfort zone, so be it!  How about you?

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