Hindsight is a Wonderful Thing

I learned a valuable lesson about mistakes and hindsight this week.

Working as a virtual assistant/webmaster, I see and have made plenty of mistakes.  The detail work requires a keen eye for editing.  But some days, I miss the mark.

Early this week, for no known apparent reason, the church website I manage was down.  After checking the obvious, we saw that the bill was paid to all parties involved — or so we thought.

I didn’t consider that there was a problem with the web files transfer.  If I have lost you, don’t worry!  Just know that something wasn’t right with the website.Hindsight is a wonderful thing

After two or more days of dealing with all the entities involved, we got the website back up and running.

It was then when I remembered an odd bill we got for a service we had discontinued a year ago.  Instead of investigating it, I dismissed it as having no bearing on the work I was doing!  Obviously, I was incorrect!

Hindsight is always clearer

I lamented that I hadn’t taken action at the time rather than going through all the hoops to fix the mess that ensued.  When sharing my regret, a friend reminded me:  “Hindsight is a wonderful thing!”

That comment immediately turned my thinking around, from beating myself up for the mistake to looking at what I learned from the process.

We all go through times where we make mistakes or miss the mark in life.  Typically, those are the times when we learn the greatest lessons.  In my case, it is learning to pay attention to the details even when they did not seem important.  If I continued to berate myself, I could not have finished fixing the problem.

Do you go through times of mistakes when you can’t see past your error?  Do you feel like hiding rather than confronting an issue head-on?  If so, you are not alone!

Over the years, I have worked with people to get past this blockage in their lives.  I can work with you too — as any mistake is just a time to learn a new lesson!

Let me help you with my Hungry Souls Manifestation Prayer Treatment session.

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