Holding Space: What Does it Mean?

You may have heard, in New Thought circles, about Holding Space for one another.  Maybe you wonder about this or did not fully understand what it was all about.

A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.
~Maryam Hasnaa

When our house burned down, I was numb and unable to feel anything.  It took weeks before I could express myself — mostly in tears and broken words.

Going through the grieving process, I found it difficult to do anything beyond the essential functions of life.  All the while, I knew a large group of people were praying and holding space for my husband and me.  When I finally came to terms with what happened, I sobbed in my husband’s arms while he held space for me!

It is not always easy to see things clearly when going through them.  We only see the hurt, pain, or confusion we are experiencing.  Having someone hold space for us helps us through these difficult times.  Sometimes, holding space opens the door for us to talk through our pain while someone lovingly listens.

The Tiny Buddha published an article by Danielle LaRock that describes the process:

Holding space is about being in the space. 

It’s about being fully present with the experience. Holding space is viewing someone without judgment and seeing him or her through loving kindness. Holding space is recognizing that although we all may stumble, we are all also so powerful.

Holding space is like holding the door open for someone to walk through to experience a new model of the world. Instead of feeling like the walls are caving in, holding space literally gives breathing room to express, open up, and simply be where we are.

What we are really doing when we hold space is nothing but pure acceptance—of ourselves, of others, and of the moment.

If you are going through a time in your life where you need someone to hold space, I am here for you.  As a licensed Spiritual Practitioner and trained Forgiveness Coach, I am here to listen as you work through your pain.

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