Journaling as a Spiritual Practice

Journaling is one way of tracking the development of our consciousness. This enables you to not just record your journey, but also to write down how to reach your Goals and Plans.  Spiritual journaling is about how experiences bring you to deeper spiritual realizations which allows you to be free from past thinking. When journaling before and/or after prayer, you are recording the process of transformation into your highest concept of ourselves.

During my time of prayer and contemplation, Spirit may speak to me in a feeling, a vision of a sense of peace.  The silence during prayer, I open my heart and mind to feel and hear Spirit within leading and guiding me. This does not happen immediately nor every time I pray, but after time, it becomes apparent that Spirit is moving in my life. I  record those moments and feelings as they happen.

Tips for Developing a Spiritual Journal PracticeJournaling as a Spiritual Practice

  1. Always date your entry to preserve the timeline of your journey.
  2. Don’t concern yourself with grammar, spelling and perfect handwriting.
  3. Write out your experience – what is Spirit telling you.
  4. Add quotes, books, interactions, images or any music that is speaking to
  5. Always express your emotions and name your experiences.
  6. Remember to write down your joys, success and express gratitude for them.
  7. Journaling is an extension to your prayers — so write them down as well.
  8. Writing in a journal can guide you to discerning the next step in problem-solving
  9. Use your journal to express pain, sorrow, challenges — it will help you sort out life’s lessons.
  10. Don’t get stuck thinking you must write daily or even weekly — a spiritual journal is not a daily diary. But it often helps.
  11. Write in short bursts during times of when overwhelmed or confused, which helps you mute the brain chaos.
  12. Keeping a spiritual journal may be best in certain seasons of your life to help you through a difficult or exciting point in life.

One of the best resources I read on journaling is a book by Julia Cameron called “The Artist Way.”  Although the book is written for artisans and creative producers, she introduces some excellent exercises, including her Morning Pages (journaling) that are very helpful.

Another good resource is an article by Charlotte Ahlin:   9 Journaling Techniques That’ll Help Aspiring Writers Hone Their Skill

You may also want to try the journaling practice I use which is a variation of May McCarthy’s seven spiritual steps outlined in her book:  The Path to Wealth.

(Check out my article on May’s suggestion for journaling

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